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wings. he is studying systems information technology, eager to start working again, and he hopes to have his own family one day. he also wants to start a foundation to raise awareness about the value of transplant surgery and to help people with deformities. what do you want to say to those people? >> don't give up. it took me 15 years. i can't ever get that back. i've still got a life. >> reporter: richard believes his experience offers valuable perspective, and he is clearly emotional about the risk he took to help injured service men and women. why was that so important to you, that you were willing to risk your life for it? >> because if i have to sacrifice my life to help some families get back theirs, that's life. >> reporter: that you're suffering would have had meaning. >> an impact. >> reporter: richard's surgery might, in fact, make an impact for future patients after some remarkable discoveries. >> he has sensation throughout his entire face. it doesn't make sense. we didn't connect any nerfs to his teeth, but he doesn't like his water too cold, and he doesn't like his coffee
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2